Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Need A Little Christmas

Saying Roomie and I love Christmas would be an understatement. However we held it together and waited until the end of October to decorate. Trust me...that's pretty good for us! 

This year we did a booze-y was so fun!! We decorated the white tree with mini shots from the liquor store. We figured this is the one time in our lives where that's acceptable, so why not?!

Mosby was generally a scrooge the whole Holiday season, but he did enjoy the ribbon. The hat? Not so much. 

 Then the baking started. We thought it would be fun to see how much of each ingredient we used throughout the season so we kept a tally. Pretty impressive for just the 2 of us! Almost all of the treats went as gifts...once I'd made that many I didn't feel like eating any cookies anyways.

For my friend gifts I did these cute wine/sock combos I found on Pinterest (naturally). Then my coworkers all got hot chocolate and bailey's mugs. I'm trying not to look too much into the fact this entire post has revolved around alcohol...

Last but not least, the yearly Christmas card! Ugly sweaters required. Even Mosby wore his! Took us a couple tries...but we finally got it. Merry Christmas everyone!

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