Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fight On

BF's best friend C. and his girlfriend K. both go to USC. Since BSU didn't have a game this weekend, we decided to take a trip down to visit and see a USC football game! It turned out it was also parents weekend...so we got to hang out with both C. and K.'s families, which is always fun!
I'd never been there before, so I was really excited to walk around campus and see everything.

The famous USC hedges!
The group. I love these people :)
Now it's their turn to visit us!!

Just a bit bigger than Bronco Stadium...
Inside their library! I was so jealous.

Tommy Trojan. C. gave us a lovely speech about how he was created.

Outside the Coliseum.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ain't Nothing Like The Summer

So apparently I'm horrible at keeping up with blogs.
But here are the highlights of my summer:

Lake Pend Orielle

M.'s grandparents own a cabin up on the lake...so her, I, and E. took off from work early and spent the night up there! It was only about a 2 hour drive...but that required summer oreos, pepperoni sticks, sunchips, licorice, wheat thins, and lots and lots of strawberries! We had fun driving around looking for a movie store...but instead found some interesting people, signs and animals. Most of the night was spent making shirts to wear for E. in Hoopfest the next day! And squishing all three of us into a full bed...


Hoopfest was a lot of fun this year! E. played on a team with B.K., N.J., and K.S. We also watched R. (S.'s boyfriend) and A.D. Saturday night me, S. and A. all stayed at the Dresbacks, along with a bunch of other family and friends. We ate TONS of good food and had lots of fun making new friends and catching up with old ones. Sunday was the traditional Spaghetti Factory lunch.
California #2
BF got to see my short hair for the first time! He really liked it :) I was there for the Fourth of July...so Friday night the WHOLE neighborhood went to a Rivercats minor league baseball game. C. and K. came too which made it a lot of fun! After the game they had a big fireworks display over the river. For the actual fourth there was a big neighborhood BBQ, then D. and N. lit off fireworks in the driveway.  The rest of the week was pretty laid back...we did some golfing and a lot of swimming. Worked on my tan a bit too! At the BBQ someone was talking about the board game Balderdash so we decided to go out and buy it...it is probably the funniest game ever!

K.'s Visit
K.M. came to see us!! Actually...she came over to Alive, which is Washington State's summer orientation program for incoming freshman. Her and her mom came over the weekend before, then K. stayed until the following Thurs. We had lots of fun going down to the river, watching the Colgate Country Showdown singing competition and just wandering around WSU trying to sneak (unsuccessfully) into her new dorm.

E.'s Birthday

E. FINALLY turned 20...so of course we had to celebrate :) The shirt I'm wearing was the tank I made for her at Hoopfest. We didn't get a picture together then...so we decided what better night to wear it than on her birthday?! The night started out at the duplex...lots of girls and lots to eat and drink. Then we headed out. I saw a lot of people from Colfax I hadn't seen in awhile and then craziest of all...I saw a guy I had sat next to on the plane to Seattle just the week before! Small world. The night ended with me and C. sleeping in M.'s silky sheeted bed, then waking up and going to Sunday School the next morning :)

Utah Vacation

Aunt J. was in charge of this years summer vacation, so we all headed down to Utah to go camping at Rockport Reservoir. Before we went up there though, we visited Grandma in her new assisted living home. We played a few games of checkers, got some lunch, and she only asked me and Sister if we had boyfriends once! Amazing! :) The weather was perfect once we got to the camp site. Actually....a little on the hot side. But perfect for getting golden brown! :) T. and E. Harris came up to visit for a night. It was a lot of fun seeing them! Aunt J. had brought the wave runner, so we took turns taking that out and tubing. All in all it was a good trip. The perfect amount of time. On the way home we stopped in Boise and stayed at D & D's. Played some intense games of wii tennis and mario cart! C. beat us all, like usual, and we spent the rest of the night watching Harry Potter.
BF's Visit

BF finally came to visit! Even though it was only 3 weeks...the time between our trips took forever! I was definitely ready for a break from work and to spend some time together. Our big project for the week was painting my bedroom! I'm not sure how it happened...but someone had the genius idea of putting stripes on one wall. In the end it turned out pretty well...but I had a hard time keeping motivated during the process. He came during the peak of harvest...so A invited us to go ride in the combine with her for an afternoon. Of course her mom sent us out with tons of homemade cookies and snacks, and we even brought A some Daily Grind! We also went camping on the Selway River with the fam for the weekend. BF and Dad headed up early on Friday to get camp set up while the rest of us went to work. I know BF was a little nervous...but I heard it wasn't too awkward. Especially once dad put in the Paramore/Katy Perry cd :) Friday was a little wet. Ok...a lot wet. But it got better on Saturday, and Mom and Dad decided to take the kayaks out. It is so pretty up there! Hopefully someday that is where Mom and Dad's retirement home/cabin will be.
Last Weekend at Home

Since I practically lived in Pullman and at the duplex all summer...what better place to spend my last weekend at home? All of us girls went to Mexican for dinner and had a waiter we knew from Colfax! It ended up just being C., E., M. and I, so we talked B.K. into coming over from Colfax and decided to just head back to the duplex and hang out there. This night I ended up in M.'s silky sheets alone and had to fight to keep the covers from sliding off the bed all night! Never buy silk sheets. They're not worth it and we decided it makes it look like you're a stripper.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Real Fine Place To Start

So J. started a blog earlier this year, and she has been trying to convince me to make one ever since.
I keep telling her I have nothing exciting in my life to talk about, so why should I start one?
As you can tell...she talked me into it.
And I'm bored and figuring out this whole blogging thing will be my new hobby :)

Today was a somewhat productive day at work.
More so than any other day recently!
I heard the leads got a little talking to about being more productive...
So now I'm still covered in paint, sitting at the library, using their fast internet :)

Nothing too exciting to say for my first blog.
As I get the hang of this (and get faster internet!)...expect more updates on my life.

Now its time to finish my first Peanut Butter Frost of the summer and head home ♥