Saturday, June 1, 2013

We Went Out Last Night

K. finally came to visit!! Eeeekkkk so excited!! We did our typical pretend-to-be-fancy-and-healthy-and-make-pinterest-recipes-and-shop-at-whole-foods routine, drank lots of huckleberry wine, and even did some hot yoga! (although it was really to detox before filling our body with liquid calories on New Year's Eve). I loved showing her Boise! Now she just needs to visit in the summer.

New Year's Eve was K. and I, Roomie, LJ, and KLS from boys allowed! It was 12 degrees or some ungodly temperature that tights and boots were the accessories of choice! Poor K, coming from warm LA to the frigid tundra. 

We started at the Reef and got some food and a few fish bowls of deliciousness...then headed down to Roddy's to dance the night away! Rang in the New Year, then headed home for some late night Pie Hole. 

New Year's Day was spent on the couch watching chick flicks and napping...and it was all worth it! So fun to actually dress up and go out for New Year's...I may need to start doing this every year!

This Christmas

It was a Christmas in Utah kind of year...the best kind!! Christmas fell on a weird day and I had to work prior, so I took an early AM Christmas Eve flight to meet the fam in Salt Lake. Did some shopping at City Creek, visited Grandma, and had the usual Christmas Eve party at Aunt J and Uncle N's. We were even lucky enough to get a White Christmas!

I love this cousin picture....just for Sister's dramatic face! 

Merry Christmas!