Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Since getting hired, I've been so excited for the Gem State Radiology Christmas party! Our radiologists host a party for ALL the radiology employees at ALL of our hospitals. Which is incredibly nice of them. But that meant 1) work people would get to see me outside of scrubs 2) BF would get to meet my coworkers and 3) I would get to see all my friends from other hospitals!! Oh and I had an excuse to go shopping for a new dress.

Then we held our annual ugly sweater party at our house. I must say...there were some pretty ugly ones! Even the boys dressed up! Roomie and I made Mulled Wine and Hot Buttered Rum and of course had 8 million cookies to share. The end result was wayyyy too much fun. And work was not quite so much fun the next morning.