Sunday, January 6, 2013

Temporary Bliss

Finally done with clinicals...forever!! No more working for free!! As soon as clinic was done it was off to Hawaii, then straight to Cali, then jumped right in to my new full time job the Monday I got back. Initially I was offered a prn position, but there was some switching around of people and I ended up full time. I'll be working weekends, Fri-Mon, but right out of school? I can't complain!

The BF picked me up at the airport after Hawaii and I was greeted back to the mainland with this beautiful Bay Area sunset.

Had a day to relax, then it was off to San Fran with K. for our half marathon!

I wasn't going to torture the BF by making him watch our race, but he made it in time to see K. and I hobbling across the crosswalk, wrapped up in our foil blanket things. (Do those actually have a name??). Seriously...hobbling like crippled old women. When we left K's apartment for breakfast you should have seen how pathetic we were trying to walk down the stairs. For a split second we forget we'd ran 13 miles and tried to walk like a normal person...and were soon reminded it just wasn't possible. I'm surprised neither of us just collapsed and fell down them instead.

From SF we headed South for a weekend getaway. At this point the BF and I had been doing the whole long distance thing for about 14 months...we needed a couples trip! We stayed in Santa Cruz and just explored the sights: the boardwalk, the sea lions, had dinner on the pier...and adopted the nickname "Gimpy" for how slow I was moving :( 

I also made him take me to University of California: Santa Cruz. While I absolutely despise slugs/worms/snails/etc...I have a strange liking of UCSC's mascot: the Banana Slug. Maybe it's because  growing up in Western Washington I actually know what a banana slug is? Or maybe because it's just a cartoon slug and is kind of cutely awkward? Either way I had to get myself a shirt.

The next day we headed down to Monterey...I'd been begging to go the aquarium forever and was beyond excited. I love nerdy stuff like that. We explored the city a little then had to go see Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive (see...there's something for everyone here!). The houses were amazing and it was a beautiful golf course. I was determined to find the Lone Cypress...and am convinced it doesn't actually exist. We looked! We did! But never found it. I think it died and it's all a conspiracy. Or maybe I'm just bitter...

I'm so excited to FINALLY be done doing the long distance thing and have the BF back in Boise for school! This was just the trip I needed after finishing school and before starting the new job.