Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Contagious


My obsession for the last 6 months. Distracting me in class. Keeping me up at night. Procrastinating my homework. 

On the plus's given me some cute craft ideas! 

First up...Tea Wreath! Pinned from the Happy House Wife, this was super fun and easy to make! And we actually use it :)The base is cardboard, covered in scrapbook paper. Then hot glue the decorated clothes pins onto that!

Halloween crafts with S. and A.!

"Haunted" Halloween bird houses. They might not be very scary...but we think they're pretty cute :) Once we discovered spray paint, it went MUCH quicker. From there our biggest struggle was deciding which adorable stickers to use! Our inspiration came from The Crafty Cupboard and I'm still amazed how perfect her little village turned out!

Next was craft night with J! I'm obsessed with quotes and just LOVE this one from the Mumford and Sons song Awake My Soul. I loved the original I saw and just had to make my own! For future reference, I would make my puffy paint a little thicker, just for more definition. I'm lazy, so I just used spray adhesive to stick the letters on. If I did it again I'd be even lazier and probably just spray paint the finished product! 

Another product of "roomie wine and craft night"! I've been obsessed with this kind of flower design, so was very excited to try it. I was surprised how simple this was...just a canvas, paint, and some scrapbook paper! Not even a pattern, just free hand the leaf shapes. Used colors to match the living room and there you have it. 

As school winds down I'm sure there will be MANY more wine and pinterest craft nights :)

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Me and Roomie are Christmas fanatics...everyone knows this. In fact when we were apartment hunting first thing we said about this place was "and at Christmas we can put garland up the banister!". So naturally we went all out decorating. 

Tree #1: The sad tree that always gets put in the corner.

Tree #2: Baby tree!! And our pinecones! Bought the scented pinecones from Michael's, some pretty ribbon, tied them up and...ta da!! Cute AND smell delicious.

Our wreathes! That we made ourselves :)

Tree #3: our FAVORITE corner! Roomie's white tree with the most colorful decorations we could find!

Clearly we were the obvious choice to host an ugly sweater party with these amazing decorations :)