Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let The Games Begin

Of course the year I get Boise State season tickets is the year I have a weekend job...wah wah. I was still able to make it to a handful of games, and my ticket never went to waste! The BF always found someone eager to take my place. 

Our seats were in the South End Zone, only a few rows up. And they were reserved!! Hallelujah! Gone are the days of student general seating...waiting HOURS in line before games to wait inside the stadium another 2 hours for the game to start. Ahh the life of an alumni. The smoke from wildfires was crazy this fall though...yucky skies!

We had a black out game this year...meaning an excuse for me to go buy new black clothes! Kinda fun...but I think we should stick to our usual blue and's what we're known for!

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