Saturday, April 20, 2013


With my new job the holiday schedule works out pretty well. Each person only has to work 1 holiday a year, and some are as easy as 4th of July or Labor Day. And that's it! Then sometimes you get the less fun Thanksgiving and Christmas. I of course got Thanksgiving my first year here. And of course it was one of the few years my birthday falls on...wanna guess what? Yep...Thanksgiving. I threw myself a mini pity party...then got over it. Because that just meant my family would be joining me in Boise for Thanksgiving this year!

It worked out perfectly because Roomie was back home visiting her family, so my fam just stayed at my place! Dad and I did our birthday gifts together, since I missed his a few weeks prior. I was on call most of the weekend, but we still managed to explore the new Whole Foods in Boise, supervise Dad making delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and go to the Festival of Trees. It was sooo pretty!! I want to decorate a tree like that someday. Mosby was a typical grinch and was none too pleased with all the holiday cheerfulness. 

This year I am so thankful for my amazing family and being able to spend the holiday with them!

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