Sunday, April 14, 2013

Color On The Walls

Fun runs seem to be the trend this summer! And I love that even my "non-runner" friends will do them with me!

Sister wanted to come visit in August, but wanted there to be an event going we signed up for the Dirty Dash! It was a 5 mile course up at Bogus Basin, complete with obstacles like hay bale hurdles, monkey bars, and of course...mud pits. We got some great pictures and had a lot of fun!

Don't forget the beer chug at the top!

Then we had the Color Run!! We had been planning and excited for this race since we first heard about it in January. But the date kept changing! And registration never opened! I don't know what kind of issues they were having, but every other city got the Color Run in the warm summer months while in Boise? We got it in mid-October. At 8am. It was cold to say the least. Never the less it was still such a fun race and we got cute shirts from it!


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