Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Reason For July: Skinny Dippin and Checkin Out Tan Lines

Once again summer has come and gone faster than the one before. Since I spent most of my summer in Boise doing clinicals and not at home, it went even faster! I still managed to squeeze in some summer fun despite a full clinical schedule.

For Memorial Day Weekend I met BF, C. and B. in Lake Tahoe! We switched our timeshare and spent a weekend full of doing whatever we felt like! Mini golf, polar bear swims, hikes, movies, and lots and LOTS of food made for a fun weekend with some great friends!

During a break from clinicals I was able to spend a few weeks at home. C. had just gotten back from study abroad in Austria and C.L. was home from Slovenia where he is stationed for the it was a perfect excuse to get the high school group back together! I was also home for the Fourth of July (which was the traditional Johnson Parade, BBQ and Endicott fireworks) and hoopfest!

This year the gang gathered outside Lowman, ID. Me and Sister left a day early to spend some time in Boise and visit with the cousins here before meeting up with the rest of the group. It was a more relaxed trip this year, with the only thing planned being a white water rafting trip. The cabin was right on the river and we spent time swimming, fishing, eating (of course) and just visiting with the fam. It was a smaller group this year: only Mom, Dad, Sis, Me, B., C., P., Aunt J. and Uncle N. Hopefully we make it to Utah this Christmas to see everyone else else!

The original plan was for BF and C. to roadtrip to Boise, but instead the boys got lazy and just bought me a plane ticket to Cali instead. I wasn't going to complain :) My big surprise for the trip was a Boys Like Girls at the Stanislaus County Fair! They are one of my favorite bands and I was really excited. Other than that we spent a lot of time by the pool, a couple trips to the driving range, and just hanging out with friends.

Finally...three years after being in Boise...E. and C. came to visit me!! :) E. had just turned 21, so of course we had to show her the Boise night life. Where we ran into L. and two favorite girls from clinic. The weekend went quick, but we were able to fit in a little Boise sightseeing, float the river, and catch up on all our latest gossip. Hopefully they had enough fun to come back again!