Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out On The Town

Concert season! And what a good season it was this year.

Started it off big with DJ Girl Talk over Memorial Weekend. I only had a little exposure to him, but he basically just does mashups of songs...what's not to love?? So we gathered the girls, did PF Changs happy hour, then hit the Knitting Factory. 
Don't ask me how, but someone grabbed us? or asked us? Still unsure, but next thing I know we're lined up against the wall to go backstage. To dance. During the concert. WHAT?! I was totally excited, yet nervous. How did this happen?! It was such a fun experience. Dance party on stage with my favorite friends, to great music. Doesn't get much better. 
(Slightly embarrassing, but there's a youtube video from the crowd as proof. Mostly just embarrassing for Roomie. We're on the right side of the screen. Roomie is the one going crazy with balloons...)

Next was Neon Trees. I've loved them since their first album and even saw them at the California State Fair! I was even more excited this time around because they just released a second album...just as good as the first! They put on such a good show and sound identical to the record. Always a plus nowadays. 

The Knitting Factory had quite the lineup this summer! Next in town was Hot Chelle Rae. I was really excited to see them...I loved a few of their songs that had been on the radio lately. However they didn't quite live up to the hype. Maybe I set the bar too high, but I was a little disappointed. Overall it was a still fun weeknight out with the girls.

Joshua Radin was another one I was super excited about. I'm pretty sure I was introduced to him from one of my Pandora stations...but I always like his songs. It was a more laid back atmosphere at the Knitting Factory this time and I really enjoyed it! LJ confessed I'm her musical soulmate...we HAD to go to this show together!

LJ's birthday was the next one...Jake Owen at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. My first time at the venue and a great artist to see there! Sundresses, blankets, and beer...happy birthday friend!

Finally it was a concert with the BF! He was gone all summer so missed out on the rest of them. This time it was Andy Grammer, Mat Kearney and Train. We did it as a pre-anniversary date...and I was so excited! Honestly I was going mostly for Mat Kearney. He was another discovery thanks to Pandora and he was just as good live as I hoped! Andy Grammer did well too...his whole set was acoustic because of travel issues with his band. I might have like that even better! Train put on a good show of course. I loved that they played some of their big hits from the 90's too! Overall it was a really fun night.

Last but not least...All Time Low! I know, I know...we've already seen them! Twice! But they are our FAVORITE! It was J. and I (of course), but Roomie also shares our addiction. B. tagged along for the ride too. Although she didn't know the music, I think our dancing and singing around her made it enjoyable. As usual we were some of the oldest ones at the show, but hey...less line for drinks!

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