Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drink In My Hand

A little late on this one...but I completely forgot to post this! 

Sister turned 21 this year (craziness!) and I wanted to do something fun for her birthday gift since I wouldn't be there to celebrate with her. She's not a big drinker, but it was her 21st birthday! I was bound and determined to change that.

She said it wasn't that she didn't like alcohol...just that she didn't like the taste. Looking back on my underage escapades, that's understandable. You're not drinking anything worthwhile back then...she just probably hadn't ever had a good drink yet!

So I made a list of 21 different drinks/drink combinations...

1. Wine (Moscato)
2. Wine (Chardonnay)
3. Wine (Merlot)
4. Wine (White Zinfandel)
5. Calimocho (red wine & coke)
6. Mimosa (champagne & orange juice)
7. Screwdriver (vodka & orange juice)
8. Vodka Cran
9. Rum and Coke
10. Whiskey Coke
11. Whiskey Ginger
12. Gin and Tonic
13. Creamsicle (vanilla vodka & orange soda)
14. 7 & 7 (Seagrams 7 whisky & 7 up)
15. Malibu and Sprite
16. Malibu and Pineapple Juice
17. Tequila and Orange Juice
18. Baileys and Hot Chocolate
19. Baileys and Coffee
20. Warm and Fuzzy Apple Cider (butterscotch schnapps & apple cider)
21. Kahlua and Baileys

...and headed to the liquor store to stock up on the mini shots! The clerk at the store loved my idea and had fun picking them out with me. I bought mixers and labeled the drinks with the corresponding numbers to my list. 

I put them in a little basket and wrote a note explaining the gift (ok, ok...the BF came up with the poem):

"From vodka to whisky, tequila to rum,
You can try different drinks and have some fun.
There are 21 options for you to test,
So when we’re in Hawaii you’ll know what is best!"

And that was that! It turned out super cute and she loved it. Happy Birthday Baby Sister! <3

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