Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's Go

One perk of my new shift? 3 days "weekends" every week! Yep...every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off. And when my manager said we were overstaffed on a Monday and needed someone to take a day off...I volunteered! 4 days off in a row?? Let's do something fun! Let's do something spontaneous! Let's....go visit K. in Los Angeles?! Sure! Booked my flight a week in advance and just did it.

K. would be working during the day, but I had plenty of people to visit while I was there. I got dinner with C. one night, D. Harry took me shopping one day, and T. caught me up on the gossip and frat boy lingo. Mostly I just went to campus every day and caught up on Netflix ( newest guilty pleasure...), read my books, or drank Starbucks and wandered the perfectly manicured campus that is University of Southern California. I found my new favorite library this visit too...Hogwarts anyone??

(misspelled name...wrong it's Starbucks...who cares!)

We went out one night with D. Harry and his GF and T. We went to a bar with a Trivia Night and had so much fun! Even though we apparently suck at trivia. We blame the host with the British accent and inability to pronounce English words correctly. K, T and I stayed out later and wandered the downtown LA bars, but being midweek there wasn't too much excitement. We decided another visit was needed to explore the night life more.

You'd think that being running buddies and all that we'd have ran at least ONCE while I was there...but of course we didn't. We baked treats and made fancy dinners and tested out new wines and did nothing even close to working out. But was a vacation! I don't feel guilty.

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