Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As Our Lives Change, Come Whatever...

May 2011 was a whirl wind of graduations! Lots of family and lots of fun.

First was my own from Boise State University! A.S. Radiologic Sciences and B.S. Radiologic Sciences General Studies (Management Emphasis). I barely remember the ceremony; we were short a chair in our row so A. and I were sharing a seat, everyone was just taking pictures during the speeches, then the whole walk to the front I was just worried about falling on my face!

This picture has a special place in my heart...all 6 of us met and lived in Morrison Hall our freshman year, and we all graduated 4 years later! Buuut....no one is quite done yet. B. is specializing in MRI, C. heading to Law School, C. going to grad school for Psychology, N. off to Dental School, I'm going to specialize in Ultrasound, and J. specializing in Mammography! Love these girls ♥

I felt so lucky to have so many people there to support me! Unfortunately Sister couldn't make it, but Mom, Dad, Aunt J., Uncle N. and most of the Utah cousins were all in my cheering section! As was BF's family. Last but not least, C.! BF's best friend, but who over the years has become one of my best friends as well. This is our graduation picture "tradition"...we have the same picture after C's high school grad, now our college grad, and next year it will be repeated at USC.

And here we are, 4 years later. From orientation at the very beginning, to graduation at the very end. Definitely would not be here if it wasn't for him! ♥

The day after our graduation, I hopped in the car with C. and the Snider's and we headed back to California! After a...12?...hour car ride?? due to some snow, we finally made it and it was time to prepare for D.'s high school graduation! My "little" brother and I have the cheesy smile down pretty good, and we'll have many more chances to practice it when he's a fellow BSU Bronco next year!

From California I flew to Utah, where I finally got to see Sister! And now it was time for cousin B.'s high school celebrations. We didn't get to go to her actual commencement, but were there for her party! We got a picture with Grandma and just a FEW of her grandkids/great grandkids before Sister left, and after that it was "flat Cassie" that posed for pictures.
And last but not least, cousin C.'s high school graduation. Everyone had just enough time to make it home, then come right back to Boise for his. It always makes me sad I don't spend enough time with the Idaho cousins considering they're so close, but we sure do have fun when we're together!

Let's just hope I don't have to go to another graduation for a long, long time. 4 in 10 days in 3 different states...that's got to be some sort of record!

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