Friday, August 10, 2012

I Like It Like That

My last one Dad keeps reminding me. Might as well make the most of it...right? What better than...Vegas?!

C. is a friend from freshman year in the dorms. She's now in Denver going to school and we decided to reunite in Vegas for her birthday! Her friend S. joined in the festivities, which included nights out, days by the pool, and Thunder From Down Under.

What made the weekend even better? Best friend C. was in Vegas at the same time!! The girls wanted to go to bed early the last night...but the two of us stayed out to play!

From Vegas I flew to Cali to see BF. Fun couple days filled with golfing, wii jeopardy, Taco Tuesday and just being together.

Flew back to Boise, then drove back home. Sister wasn't there, our breaks didn't overlap. But spent time with Mom and Dad! Mom taught me how to make her perfect pie crust and we did silk dyed Easter much fun!

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