Friday, August 10, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Spring was a whirlwind of activities and way too much fun. And it seemed as if Call Me Maybe was heard every two seconds...

Like an impromptu bachelorette party? I knew N. through my clinical site this spring. Came to find out her wedding was 2 weeks away...and she didn't have a party planned!! We fixed that instantly. Rallied the troops and the ultrasound girls took her out for a night downtown.

Then there was the Twin Falls adventure...

L.H.'s twinner is getting married! So the 4 ultrasound girls made a weekend trip for the bridal shower fun. Me and S. had never been to we attempted to make it as touristy as possible, including stops at Shosone Falls, Kimberley High School, and watching base jumpers in the canyon.

The shower was fun and twinner is going to be a beautiful bride!

"Little Brother" D. was on the club baseball team this spring...I made it to a couple games and then he invited me to the end of season banquet! Got a text that read "have you eaten dinner yet?? we're having a bbq and family is invited!" Awww...sometimes he really can be a sweet brother!

While I've definitely missed BF being here this's been fun to bond with D! Him knowing a 21+ girl who bakes excessive amounts of cookies? Made him pretty popular among his dorm buddies.

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