Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Real Fine Place To Start

So J. started a blog earlier this year, and she has been trying to convince me to make one ever since.
I keep telling her I have nothing exciting in my life to talk about, so why should I start one?
As you can tell...she talked me into it.
And I'm bored and figuring out this whole blogging thing will be my new hobby :)

Today was a somewhat productive day at work.
More so than any other day recently!
I heard the leads got a little talking to about being more productive...
So now I'm still covered in paint, sitting at the library, using their fast internet :)

Nothing too exciting to say for my first blog.
As I get the hang of this (and get faster internet!)...expect more updates on my life.

Now its time to finish my first Peanut Butter Frost of the summer and head home ♥

1 comment:

  1. i'm so excited!!
    it's about time.
    yes blogging is a whole other world.
    i'm still getting the hang of it.
    but now i'm excited to see the updates of your life :)